Top Pelican Heart Association fundraising students win right to ‘humiliate’ adult supervisors by wrapping them in toilet paper

Top students in the “Jumprope for Heart” fundraiser prepare to “toilet paper” staff–including their principal Ed Richardson. From left, Kaylie Ross, Esteban Zavala-Gunderson, Morgan Korf, Ayden Rotz, Cale Richardson, Thea Olson, Lilly Peterson and Daniel Urbano.
Students pictured, after wrapping staff members in toilet paper.

It’s another grand day for the American Heart Association, as the Viking Elementary School student’s Jumprope for Heart goal of raising $1,500 was crushed.

Thea Olson was the overall top fundraiser at Viking elementary school for the Jumprope for Heart fundraiser.

Thanks to the synergy of thirty-seven students, from grades 3-6,  a total of $2,207 was raised in just fourteen days.

Participating students did an amazing job of asking neighbors, friends, relatives, family members and parent co-workers to help support the terrific programming that the American Heart Association offers to people of all ages.

All Star Cast of Volunteering Teachers:

Mrs. R. Strand

Mrs. Storrusten

Mrs. Larson

Mrs. Neubaurer

Dr. Richardson

Mrs. O’Brien

The American Heart Association and SHAPE America sponsor the programs; Jump for Heart and Hoops for Heart as fundraisers.  Both programs promote physical education and positive heart health practices.

Funds raised go towards research regarding cardiovascular disease, stroke issues and health education programming.

The Viking Elementary reward party day was held Feb. 16, in Viking Elementary gymnasium, from 3:20-3:40 p.m. with the top male and female students of each grade earning the distinction of toilet papering a teacher from their grade level.

Students were highly encouraged to toilet paper the teacher together, from head to toe, in the shortest amount of time.

Top fundraising male and female are as follows per grade level:

Grade 3

Ayden Rotz $60.00

Morgan Korf $40.00

Maxwell Jetvig

Grade 4:

Esteban Zavala-Gunderson $200.00

Kaylie Ross $165.00

Grade 5

Cale Richardson $105.00

Thea Olson $372.00

Grade 6

Daniel Urbano $10.00

Lilly Peterson $200.00

Monserrat Gonzalez

All fundraisers listed from grade 3 to grade 6

Grade 3: Ayden Rotz, Morgan Korf, Jackson Peasley, Zoe Madole, Linea Thomas, Jaylyn Wolf and Cristopher Franco

Grade 4: Addie Curry, Esteban Zaval-Gunderson, Charlie Larson, Brody Syverson, Gage Treinen, Kaylie Ross, Ashlea Matykeiwicz, Hazel Haugrud, Sarah Haugrud, Jack Bergquist, Aleah Thorson and Anna Rosium.

Grade 5:  Emily Haiby, Emma Rotz, Tanner Markgraf, Ethan Sjostrom, Thea Olson, Ben Lyon, Cale Richardson, Jarett Stetz and Kaitlyn Stachowski

Grade 6: Hannah Fossen, Norma Mora, Lilly Peterson, Eva Rustand, Skyler Koch, Kelsey Isaman, Calli Torson and Daniel Urbano