Haugrud ties 30-year Pelican record for fastest pin: 6 seconds

The Viking wrestling team opened their 2016-17 season this past weekend at the Hillsboro Dual team tournament where they went 1-4.

Once again this year the team will have to forfeit some weight classes.  At times, they will be able to fill all the weight classes, however it would be with seventh and eighth graders.  106, 113, and 120 will be three weight classes where seventh and eighth graders will wrestle, noted co-coach Harold Holt.

Three other weights where the Vikings will have to forfeit because right now they are filled by younger wrestlers are 182, 195 and 220.

There are three other wrestlers that were not able to compete this weekend because they have not had enough practice due to illness or starting late.  Two of these three will wrestle in the upper weights and the third will be in the middle weights allowing the coaches to switch up the line up trying to get the best lineup for the Vikings.

The coaches were pleased by the efforts shown by the wrestlers.  Many of the younger wrestlers wanted to wrestle kids older than themselves and put up good efforts.

“Each match the wrestlers learned from their matches and made improvements in their next match,” stated Coach Holt.

The highlight of the day was when Carson Haugrud tied the school record for the fastest pin held by Phu Ha since 1986-87 when he got a  six second pin against Mayville Portland.  Carson’s record for the day was 4-1 with four pins.

The Viking injury report: James Fury was cleared by his doctor last week and will be able to start wrestling this week.

Casey Kulsrud injured his shoulder this last weekend and the coaches held him out of the last three matches as a precaution.

Pelican Rapids 10     Central Cass (Casselton) 64

106: Anthony Reese (PERA) over Evan Gross (CECA) (Fall 0:42)

113: Aiden Olson-Tingelstad (CECA) over Noah Kapenga (PERA) (Fall 1:01)

120: Andrew Volk (CECA) over Carson McNeal (PERA) (Fall 0:40)

126: Junior Totay (CECA) over (PERA) (For.)

132: Sebastian Rosiles (PERA) over Chase Jacobson (CECA) (MD 12-2)

138: Chase Gross (CECA) over John Ziebell (PERA) (Fall 0:51)

145: Andrew Jahnke (CECA) over Casey Kulsrud (PERA) (MD 11-0)

152: Jeremiah Sullivan (CECA) over Matt Hanson (PERA) (Fall 3:33)

160: Andrew Zuther (CECA) over Noah Ziebell (PERA) (SV-1 7-5)

170: Wade Berg (CECA) over Carson Haugrud (PERA) (Dec 10-7)

182: Joe Ellison (CECA) over (PERA) (For.)

195: Jack Steffes (CECA) over Jacob Willits (PERA) (Fall 1:42)

220: Cade Merrigan (CECA) over Josh Villagomez (PERA) (Fall 1:43)

285: Ryan Muscha (CECA) over Armando Diaz-Perze (PERA) (Fall 1:45)

Wrestler of the Meet Anthony Reese

Pelican Rapids 40       May-Port CG 30

126: Carson McNeal (PERA) over (MPC) (For.)

132: Double Forfeit

138: Rylee Thompson (MPC) over John Ziebell (PERA) (Fall 2:19)

145: Casey Kulsrud (PERA) over Kade Ellliott (MPC) (MD 12-2)

152: Ben Berdal (MPC) over Matt Hanson (PERA) (Fall 1:02)

160: Zane Brosowske (PERA) over Dawson Sedivec (MPC) (Fall 3:39)

170: Carson Haugrud (PERA) over Dane Leland (MPC) (Fall 0:06)

182: Adrian Cosme-Halverson (MPC) over Jacob Willits (PERA) (Fall 0:58)

195: Double Forfeit

220: Josh Villagomez (PERA) over (MPC) (For.)

285: Marvin Pascal (MPC) over Armando Diaz-Perze (PERA) (Fall 1:20)

106: Evan Fankhanel (PERA) over (MPC) (For.)

113: Tommy Thach (PERA) over (MPC) (For.)

120: Konner Elliott (MPC) over (PERA) (For.)

Wrestler  of the Meet Carson Haugrud

Pelican Rapids 36       Grafton ND  48

138: John Ziebell (PERA) over (GRAF) (For.)

145: Hector Reyes (GRAF) over Max Dykoff (PERA) (Fall 4:26)

152: Zane Brosowske (PERA) over (GRAF) (For.)

160: Noah Flores (GRAF) over Noah Ziebell (PERA) (Fall 0:28)

170: Carson Haugrud (PERA) over Justin Flores (GRAF) (Fall 0:46)

182: Bryan Sisk (GRAF) over (PERA) (For.)

195: Jose Martinez (GRAF) over (PERA) (For.)

220: Triston Lopez (GRAF) over Josh Villagomez (PERA) (Fall 0:43)

285: Armando Diaz-Perze (PERA) over (GRAF) (For.)

106: Alex IBanez (GRAF) over Noah Kapenga (PERA) (Fall 1:19)

113: Anthony Reese (PERA) over (GRAF) (For.)

120: Carter Parsons (GRAF) over Carson McNeal (PERA) (Fall 1:27)

126: Austin Thompson (GRAF) over (PERA) (For.)

132: Sebastian Rosiles (PERA) over (GRAF) (For.)

Wrestler  of the Meet Carson Haugrud

Pelican Rapids 9 Hillsboro Central Valley 72

152: Grant Skager (H-CV) over Matt Hanson (PERA) (Fall 0:58)

160: Luke Hastings (H-CV) over Zane Brosowske (PERA) (Fall 0:59)

170: Mark Hastings (H-CV) over (PERA) (For.)

182: Carson Haugrud (PERA) over Kevin Rodriguez (H-CV) (Fall 1:58)

195: Jake Moore (H-CV) over (PERA) (For.)

220: Jake Connelly (H-CV) over (PERA) (For.)

285: Jacob Pruneda (H-CV) over Armando Diaz-Perze (PERA) (Fall 0:54)

106: Luke Leshuk (H-CV) over Evan Fankhanel (PERA) (Fall 0:52)

113: Kyle Alfson (H-CV) over Anthony Reese (PERA) (Fall 1:05)

120: Matt Anderson (H-CV) over Carson McNeal (PERA) (Fall 0:42)

126: Gavin Wright (H-CV) over (PERA) (For.)

132: Kaden Pastian (H-CV) over (PERA) (For.)

138: John Ziebell (PERA) over Carlos Rodriguez (H-CV) (Dec 12-8)

145: Alex Alfson (H-CV) over Max Dykoff (PERA) (Fall 0:43)

Wrestler  of the Meet John Ziebell

Pelican Rapids12 Pembina Country North 66

182: Carter Brown (PCN) over (PERA) (For.)

195: Sam Saylor (PCN) over Jacob Willits (PERA) (Fall 0:09)

220: Tucker Soli (PCN) over (PERA) (For.)

285: Bradyn Lafferty (PCN) over Armando Diaz-Perze (PERA) (Fall 0:29)

106: Ethan Stremick (PCN) over Tommy Thach (PERA) (Fall 1:19)

113: Preston Litton (PCN) over Evan Fankhanel (PERA) (Fall 0:17)

120: Carson McNeal (PERA) over Cooper White (PCN) (Fall 0:49)

126: Gage litton (PCN) over (PERA) (For.)

132: Tanner Urlaub (PCN) over (PERA) (For.)

138: brett Verville (PCN) over John Ziebell (PERA) (Fall 0:12)

145: Dominic Calvillo (PCN) over Max Dykoff (PERA) (Fall 0:29)

152: Tristen Sott (PCN) over Matt Hanson (PERA) (Fall 0:46)

160: Austin Urlaub (PCN) over Noah Ziebell (PERA) (Fall 0:19)

170: Carson Haugrud (PERA) over Eli Bjornstad (PCN) (Fall 0:23)

Wrestler of the Meet Carson McNeal