Video recordings of proceedings of the Pelican Rapids City Council meetings will be available to check out at the Pelican Rapids Public Library.

The request to the city council came from Teresa Thornton of the Pelican library board. In a letter to the city, Thornton explained that there have been a number of requests about viewing the meetings from residents who do not have access to cable television.

For nearly two years, the proceedings have been video taped, and are broadcast on the public access TV station.

“In the library’s efforts to provide free access to governmental information, the Pelican library board requests that the council provide DVD copies…to add to the collection that would be available to the public to check out,” wrote Thornton. “It is our hope that by having them available to the public, citizens will become better informed about city government.”

At the Oct. 11 council meeting, library director Annie Wrigg said there hasn’t been a large demand, but the disc copies from the city hall cameras would be another service available to library patrons.  The only real expense is the cost of the disc, plus some staff time burning the meeting video to the disc.

The council agreed to making the copies available.

Should full council be required when voting on ordinance changes?

Councilman Kevin Ballard initiated a discussion at the Oct. 11 meeting, asking that a full council be in attendance when  acting on ordinance changes; and on unbudgeted expenses in excess of $10,000.

There was at least one recent ordinance change, involving the winter parking ordinance, where only four council members were in attendance.

In his eight years on the council, there have been relatively few ordinance changes, said Ballard. “I don’t think it is too much to ask to have the full council on board to vote.”

Hydrant-flushing schedule discussed by council 

Questions over the best schedule for flushing hydrants was discussed at the Oct. 11 meeting.

The flushing process requires about eight hours, during which homeowners are inconvenienced, noted Councilman Steve Strand.

Several schedule ideas were discussed, including flushing entirely during the early morning hours–when most people are asleep.

The discussion was tabled until the next council meeting, scheduled for Oct. 25, 5 p.m. at city hall.