The Pelican Rapids Vikings volleyball team traveled to Staples-Motley to take on the Cardinals October 4.

After coming off 2 tough losses last week, the Vikings were determined to get a win. Kaylie Isaman came out serving aggressively and Jessica Weinrich hit the ball well.

The Vikings got all hitters in the game and won set 1, 25-14.

Set 2 the Vikings did not start as strong but a nice serving run by Weinrich and a few big kills by Grace Johnson got the Vikings the lead they wanted. Sarah Thompson started to get all hitters in the game again and the Vikings won set 2, 25-16.

Set 3 the Vikings started down 5-3 with some struggles on serve receive. Then the Vikings went on a 7 point run to take control. Claire Strand and Morgan Berg came off the bench and hit the ball well. Adriana Torres and setter Thompson started to connect and run a more complex offense and got 3 kills in a row to seal the deal.

The Vikings won set 3, 25-18.

Stat leaders Pelican vs Staples volleyball


Rachel Gottenborg-10

Kaylie Isaman-7

Grace Johnson-3

Taylor Berndt-2

Sarah Thompson-2


Jessica Weinrich-6

Grace Johnson-5

Adriana Torres-3

Ryley Paulson-3

Taylor Berndt-2

Claire Strand-2

Sarah Thompson-1

Morgan Berg-1


Kaylie Isaman-3

Taylor Berndt-1

Rachel Gottenborg-1

Jessica Weinrich-1

Block Kill Assists

Grace Johnson-2

Jessica Weinrich-2

Adriana Torres-2

Taylor Berndt-1

Morgan Berg-1

Block Kill Solo

Jessica Weinrich-1

Adriana Torres-1

Assists Sarah Thompson-17