By Tom Hintgen Otter Tail County Correspondent

County Administrator Larry Krohn plans to retire in March 2017 after close to 40 years of service in Otter Tail County government.

Larry Krohn

Due to Krohn’s upcoming retirement, division directors and county commissioners discussed the current administrator position and options to consider when replacing Krohn.

County Board Chairman Lee Rogness has referred this topic to the Internal Services Committee for development of the hiring process.

Krohn, a native of Wahpeton, North Dakota, has served as county administrator since July, 1987.

He joined county government in 1977 as a land and resource technical assistant. Four years later, in 1981, he began work part-time for the land and resource department and part-time as executive secretary to the county board.

A year later, in 1982, Krohn started working part time as auditor technician in addition to part-time duties in the land and resource office, five years prior to becoming county administrator.

More about duties of county administrator

The county administrator for Otter Tail County is the administrative head of the county, appointed by the five-person County Board of Commissioners.

The administrator is a liaison between the elected county board members and heads of county divisions who run the day-to-day operations of Otter Tail County government.

Otter Tail County has close to 450 employees who comprise the various divisions in county government.

Divisions include, but are not limited to, social services, transportation (including roads and bridges), public health, veterans’ services, court administration, auditor, treasurer, land and resource, emergency management and public health.

The county administrator and staff members assist the five-person county board with agendas, minutes, research and scheduling for county board meetings, budgeting and other county-related activities.