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Do You Remember When?

Angling...through the decades
Photos recall 100 year history of East Silent Lake Resort as a family fishing getaway

The Leonard Family, owners of East Silent Lake Resort between Vergas and Pelican Rapids, will be celebrating the resort’s centennial this summer. Old photos have been gathered to observe the resort’s history–including these fishing picture gems.
Note the hefty stringer of immense bullheads, and the “fishing fashions” in these images.
East Silent Resort was established in 1915, but its story begins years before that with a pastor. Charles Frederick Bublitz began his active ministry in 1888, preaching in German. Ordained in 1893, he served in pastorates in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Upon deciding that he wanted to provide a summer resort where his family could make some memories and host friends, he purchased East Silent Resort in 1915.
Other events include an educational event by Chris Schuelke and the Otter Tail County Historical Society. The presentation and social will focus on the history of resorts and camps in Otter Tail County. Details are pending, but the date is tentatively set for June 5.  read entire story. . . .

Man drowns in Jewett Lake

Lake Jewett, south of Pelican Rapids, was the location of a boating tragedy last weekend.
A 59-year California man drowned  May 15 after falling out of his boat on the south side of the lake, according to the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Office.
Family members heard Michael Cadreau yell but were unable to reach him before he went under.
Cadreau was the only person in the boat, and he was not wearing a life preserver.
Responding to the emergency was the Otter Tail Sheriff’s Office, Elizabeth Fire and Rescue, Fergus Fall Fire Department and the Otter Tail County Water Patrol. Responders searched for the man early Saturday, but were unable to find him. Cadreau was found deceased Saturday morning.

Area students praised for fire rescue near  Balmoral Golf

Praise continued through the weekend for Underwood students, members of the boys golf team, who rescued senior citizens from an apartment complex on fire near Balmoral Golf Course on Wednesday, May 13.
The complex, referred to as “The Boardwalk,” was destroyed. An investigation is continuing from the state fire marshal. Area fire departments in Otter Tail County (Ottertail, Battle Lake, Henning and Perham) were unable to save the structure which burned rapidly.
The call came in to authorities at 4:31 p.m.  read entire story. . . .

"Better Choices, Better Health Workshops" set in area

Living with an ongoing health condition can be very difficult. Effective self-management skills have proven to help people with arthritis, fibromyalgia, heart disease, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, cancer and those who are overweight or have other ongoing health conditions.
To help people live fuller, healthier and more active lives, Sanford Health is offering a free “Better Choices, Better Health Workshop.” The workshops are for anyone with ongoing health problems and their support people. Participants will learn important skills such as problem solving, goal setting, relaxation techniques and ways to deal with difficult emotions, pain, fatigue and stress. New topics include fall prevention, weight management and getting a good night’s sleep.  read entire story. . . .

Scam averted in Elizabeth

The Sheriff’s Department, on Monday, May 11, reported that astute employees at the Elizabeth General Store averted a scam. A would-be thief attempted to make a transaction with altered checks but the employees said no and called authorities.
The incident took place at 6:37 a.m. on May 8 when the suspect attempted to pay for gasoline with one of the altered checks.
Authorities later tracked down the suspect in Barnesville. Arrested was Andrew James Davidson, 25, of Barnesville.  read entire story. . . .

County museum bridges the past to the present

Executive Director Chris Schuelke, speaking to the county board of commissioners on May 5, discussed the importance of the Otter Tail County Historical Society in preserving history for area residents.
“We need to remember where we came from,” said Schuelke. “Our Historical Society (county museum) provides a bridge between the past and present.”
He updated the five county board members about upcoming activities, current exhibits, research and education. Calendar year 2018 will mark the 150th  anniversary celebration for Otter Tail County which was organized in 1868.  read entire story. . . .

Baseball, World War II, Detroit Mountain on Cormorant ‘Talk of Town’ slate for summer 2015

The Cormorant “Show Team” has announced the “Talk of the Town” series for the summer of 2015.
The series features a variety of speakers on a range of subjects. The programs are held in the Cormorant Community Center from 9 to 10 a.m. and are free.  
Free coffee and cookies are included in the  informative morning sessions.
Friday, May 29 – Jim Ramstad, Detroit Lakes – WWII Vetera  read entire story. . . .

DNR  question:  Tips for  planting trees

Q: I’d like to plant a tree on my property and want to make sure it gets off to a good start. What are some tips for tree planting?
A: Trees need to be planted properly to live a long and healthy life. First, pick a tree best suited for the planting site. Take into account the local climate, soil type, available space and the amount of sunlight the location receives.
Once you’ve selected a tree to plant, here are a few tips:
Always keep roots moist until planting.
Don’t plant too deeply. Make sure the top of the first woody root is at ground level.
Fill the hole with original soil and stamp down with your heel to remove air pockets.
Layer 2-4 inches of mulch around the tree, keeping mulch away from the trunk.
Water newly planted trees at least once a week for three years.
To learn more, visit: www.mndnr.gov/treecare/residential_plant.html.

Jennifer Teegarden, DNR Forestry Outreach Specialist

Otter Tail County launches new tourism campaign

Otter Tail County launches its new tourism campaign aimed at matching visitors’ personalities to the unique experiences its communities have to offer.
At the heart of this campaign is an inspirational and enlightened otter who encourages visitors to find one’s “Inner Otter.” The marketing campaign includes billboards, online ads, visitors guide, apparel and an otterly playful personality quiz which can be found at www.findyourinnerotter.com.
“We like to say our little otter is the ‘guru of the getaway,’ the ‘Buddha of the backstroke,’” says Brad Stevens, Otter Tail Country Tourism president. “Our goal is to make visitors feel uniquely welcome, with a bit of otter fun.”
After answering six questions, quiz-takers receive a recommendation for where to stay, play and dine in Otter Tail County based on their personality results.  read entire story. . . .

Outdoor wood furnaces can be cause of wildfires

The Department of Natural Resources reminds homeowners to take precautions when using outdoor wood boilers this spring.
“There have been a number of fires started due to improper disposal of ashes, which cause wildfires when the wind reignites discarded ashes,” said Linda Gormanson, DNR wildfire prevention supervisor.
Firefighters have responded to an unusually high number of fires started by these outdoor boilers. To prevent fires when cleaning the boiler, place the ashes in a metal container with a cover. Store the container of ashes on a cement slab or bare ground cleared of any dry leaves or grass. Make sure the ashes are completely extinguished when they are dumped on the ground. If necessary, drown and stir them with water and check that they are out cold.  read entire story. . . .

Lake outlet public comments received

An Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) 30-day public comment period concerning a proposed outlet for Little McDonald, Kerbs and Paul lakes, west of Perham, ended on April 16.
The total number of comments, 107, will be broken down into specific issues and will be reviewed by the five-person Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners, including Commissioner Doug Huebsch who represents the Perham area.
The board has until May 15 to determine if an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is needed.
The outlet option, subject to final approval by the county board and various regulatory authorities, would involve moving water from the northeast side of Little McDonald Lake into the Otter Tail River, to the north.
Devils Lake, northeast of Little McDonald Lake, would tap into the outlet near 460th Street. The location would be on the west end of Devils Lake.  read entire story. . . .

Aquatic plant removal may require permit

With lakes becoming ice-free and waters beginning to warm this spring, some lakeshore property owners may need a permit to remove aquatic plants from their shorelines.
“Each year we hear about property owners who get into trouble by removing aquatic plants,” said Steve Enger, supervisor of the aquatic plant management program for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “We want people to know that a permit may be required to remove lake plants, which are essential components of freshwater ecosystems.”
The DNR’s aquatic plant regulations are summarized online at www.mndnr.gov/shorelandmgmt/apg/regulations.html.
“There are very specific situations and requirements that mandate when someone needs a permit to remove aquatic plants,” Enger said. “That’s why we encourage property owners to consult the regulations online to see if they need a permit.”  read entire story. . . .